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In order to build your own linux kernel you need to configure it to suit your particular needs. Below is a list of config options needed for RTAI:

  1. I enabled CONFIG_RTHAL,
  2. disabled "Set version information on all module symbols" (KERNEL_MOD_VERSIONS no)
  3. I disabled APM. (For details about PowerManagement and RTAI see also [1][2][3])
  4. If your box is a uniprocessor, ensure that you have configured out the SMP support from your pristine kernel.

> Another question I have is, can I enable the "Pre-emptible kernel" option
>> while building the linux kernel along with RTAI. I use 2.6.5.
Yes, since 3.1-test2.
>>  What would be the side effects, if any ?
RTAI-wise? Absolutely none, but perhaps a faster RTAI -> Linux
transition on average for LXRT tasks when returning to soft mode.

I've had an hard day trying to run RTAI 24.1.12 with Linux kernel 2.4.22.


After many recompilation I've been able to track down the source of the troubles in the compilation *with* frame pointers of Linux kernel (CONFIG_FRAME_POINTER=y) (Hint: CONFIG_FRAME_POINTER is found in Kernel Config Menu "Kernel Hacking").

Changing this to n solve all the problems.

I'd suggest to maintainers to add this info to README.INSTALL if this is the expected behaviour otherwise I'd like to file this bug report.

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