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Well, the RTAI wiki is growing steadily. Maybe it's time to agree on the structure.

Right now we have some pages on different subjects. Furthermore there are some FAQs with questions and answers (with many QAs in one page).

A good structure follows these guidelines (please add some more):

  1. The Table of Contents should be reasonable short
  2. It should be easy to locate the right section where to put in new stuff.

There are at least two ways of using a FAQ:

  1. reading everything sequentially.
  2. looking up the subject one needs.

In the latter case, the FAQ could follow the structure of the other material on RTAI Wiki. On each page there could be a "sub page" called "FAQ". This is done using a / as the first character in the link like this /FAQ.

This is not very good for reading the FAQ sequentially though.

Another viewpoint is to regard the whole wiki as a FAQ. Each question and answer could be on it's own page. This would make the editing easier. It would also be easier to see what QAs are new or changed or even delete a QA.

The search box is an easy way to find all pages regarding a particular subject, e.g. floating point issues.

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