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Installation of RTAI-3.1 on Mandrake 9.2

This procedure is inspired from http://www.fdn.fr/~brouchou/rtai/rtai-doc-prj/installation-guide.html and is a translation of the french document (http://piartt.free.fr/doc/installrtai.pdf)

Used configuration: A standard PC managed by the version 2.6.5 of linux kernel (see http: //www.tldp.org/HOWTO/Hardware-HOWTO/index.html for more details) Mandrake 9.2 Download (http://www.mandriva.org) Kernel 2.6.5 kernel sources (http://www.kernel.org) RTAI 3.1-test2 sources (http://www.rtai.org)

Procedure: 1 - Install Mandrake (standard installation)

  1.1 - Use Ext3 file system
  1.2 - Install at least the following packages
  	gcc (3.3.1 or above)
	make (3.8 or above)
	and evidently bash, nedit, more, man,...

2 - Uncompress RTAI and the new kernel

  2.1 - tar -zxpf linux-2.6.5.tar.gz -C /usr/src # if your kernel is gzipped
  	or tar -jxpf linux-2.6.5.tar.bz2 -C /usr/src # if your kernel is bzipped
  2.2 - tar -zxpf rtai-2.1-test2.tar.gz -C /usr/src # if it is gzipped
  	or tar -jxpf rtai-2.1-test2.tar.bz2 -C /usr/src # if it is bzipped
  2.3 - create a symbolic link
  	ln -s /usr/src/linux /usr/src/linux-2.6.5
	(remove the previous one if it appeared!)
  2.4 - patch the kernel with rtai:
  	(in /usr/src ): patch -p0 rtai-3.1-test2/rtai-core/arch/i386/patches/hal5c2-2.6.5.patch

3 - Compile your new kernel

  if you are not used to compile the linux kernel, you can copy
  the original configuration that you'll find in your /boot directory
  (/boot/config) and use it as basis for the following steps.
  3.1 - execute the command "make O=/home/$USERNAME/build/kernel menuconfig"
  3.2 - In general setup menu:
	check all Adeos options
  3.3 - In "Loadable module support":
  	uncheck the option "Set version information on all module symbols"
  3.4 - In "Kernel Hacking":
  	uncheck the option "Compile kernel with frame pointers"
  3.5 - In the other sub-menu sheck that all your specific hardware options
  are selected.
  3.6 - Then, build your new kernel:
  	execute the command "make O=/home/$USERNAME/build/kernel"

4 - Install your new kernel

	execute the command "make O=/home/$USERNAME/build/kernel modules_install install"

6 - Reboot and select the new created kernel (2.6.5-adeos)

7 - Compile RTAI

  7.1 - goto rtai sources directory
  7.2 - execute the command "make xconfig"
  	All default options should be fine
  7.3 - execute the command "make"

8 - Install RTAI

  8.1 - login as root
  8.2 - execute the command "make install"

9 - Test your new realtime kernel

  9.1 - login as root
  9.2 - goto /usr/realtime/testsuite/kern/latency
  9.3 - start the script run (execute ./run)

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