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This [Wiki] is dedicated to [DIAPM RTAI] which is a RealTime extension to [Linux]. Read some success stories. Another RealTime Linux is [rtlinux-gpl].


A Wiki is a special website where everybody can edit everything! In short: Think of rtai.dk like your own notebook! You cannot damage anything, thanks to revision control (undo history goes back 30 days). You can [read about text formatting] and try it here in the SandBox. If you have an opinion on How this wiki should be organized, please go there.


  1. Installation
    1. Which version to choose
    2. [Obtaining RTAI]?
    3. Installation
      1. Distribution independent installation
      2. Installation on Debian
      3. Installation on Debian Kernel 2.6.10 and RTAI 3.2 on AMD K7
      4. Installation on Mandrake 9.1
      5. Installation on Mandrake 9.2
      6. Installation on Mandrake 9.2-RTAI 3.1
    4. Filesystems
    5. Hardware
      1. List of compatible hardware
      2. List of problem hardware
    6. Gotchas
    7. Build
    8. How does one know whether one has installed RTAI correctly
    9. Bootstrapping with magma in 7 steps
    10. [[What to do if it doesn't work]]
  2. General
    1. Getting Started
    2. Kernel space or user space
    3. Schedulers
    4. ISR - Interrupt service routines
    5. IO?
    6. Comedi
    7. Mailboxes
    8. Shared Memory - shmem
    9. Semaphores
    10. FIFOs
    11. RTnet?
    12. Serial port communication
    13. Time
    14. Memory
    15. DMA and jitter
    16. Latency Killer
    17. Programming and debugging
    18. Watchdog
    19. Signals
    20. QT
  3. LXRT (User space) - well, it is really called NEWLXRT right now, but that will change after release 24.1.12
    1. Start with LXRT
    2. LXRT examples
    3. LXRT FAQs
    4. [LXRT tips and tricks]?
  4. RTAI (Kernel Space)
    1. RTAI FAQs
    2. The proper use of printf and friends
    3. Makefile for kernel 2.6
  5. Known bugs
    1. Bugs in 24.11
  6. Embedded Linux
    1. devfs
  7. Skins (Xenomai)
    1. How to implement a new skin
    2. vxWorks
  8. Misc
    1. RTAI on ARM
  9. Bootable CDs
    1. All in RAM disk
    2. [A knoppix style bootable RTAI CD] - Use the BDI-Live images. This has a working 2.4.25-adeos kernel, complete with sources and compilers. Requires 256Meg of memory to boot, although BDI-Lite should cope with less as long as you don't want compilers & KDE. About [the base CD]
    3. [An RTAI 3.1 LiveCD with WebApp] - This LiveCD will submit the testresults of the testsuite to an Internet database. The database can be searched to find information about the real-time performance of various hardware.
    4. [RTAI-Knoppix 1.2]
    5. [rtai_knoppix.iso] (www-lar.deis.unibo.it). LiveCD from Gianluca Palli. With kernel, compiled for 586, rtai-3.4 with rtai-lab support, scilba 4.0 etc.
  10. Articles and links to other documentation
    1. [The RTAI mailinglist archive] [search]
    2. RTAI examples (showroom): CVS or [download]
    3. [A Guide to Installing RTAI Linux]
    4. [RTAI Reference Manual]
    5. [RTAI 3.0 Documentation]
    6. [On the history of RTAI]
    7. [RTAI Fusion]
    8. [Real Time and Embedded Guide ("rtHOWTO")]
    9. [HTML Slideshow on RTAI] - about LXRT from slide 8
    10. [- Generic real-time infrastructure for signal acquisition, generation and processing]
    11. [About the different timers]
    12. [HOWTO Port your C++ GNU/Linux application to RTAI/LXRT]
    13. Linux Device Drivers ISBN 0-596-00008-1 (alternate, search) [read it online here]
    14. Building Embedded Linux Systems by Karim Yaghmour [1] http://www.embeddedtux.org/
    15. Here is a [comparison of RTLinux vs. RTAI] describing the differences between RTAI and [RTLinux].
    16. [A table showing RTLinux and RTAI API]
  11. Related projects
    1. [Linux Trace Toolkit]
    2. [Kiwi. A trace viewer]
    3. [RTnet - Real-Time Networking for RTAI].
    4. [USB4RT - Real-Time USB stack for RTAI] [announce1], [announce2].
    5. [rtcan - Real-time CAN under RTAI/linux].
    6. [ACE and TAO]?
    7. [ADEOS]
  12. Fusion page

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